Credit Card Benefits

It’s convenient. Individual taxpayers can e-file or paper file early, make a payment by credit card and yet delay out-of-pocket expenses. Credit card payments can be made by phone, on-line or when e-filing.

It’s safe and secure – standard, commercial credit card networks are used. The IRS does not receive or store credit card numbers.

Credit card options are available through service providers.

There is a fee charged by credit card payment service providers. Fees are based on the amount of the payment and may vary by service provider (see below).

Payment information will not be disclosed for any reason other than processing the transaction authorized by the taxpayer.

A confirmation number is provided at the end of the phone or Internet transaction.

The “United States Treasury Tax Payment” is included on the credit card statement as further proof of payment. The convenience fee will be included on the statement as a “Tax Payment Convenience Fee” (or similar transaction).

If enrolled in such a program, taxpayers may earn miles, points, rewards or money back from the credit card issuer.

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