Credit Card FAQ

Understanding the answers to these questions before signing an application or agreement will help make for a solid partnership between you and your merchant account vendor: As a merchant, can I accept credit cards both online and offline? Do I need to get separate authorizations or permissions when setting up my ecommerce merchant account for… Continue reading Credit Card FAQ

Credit Card Benefits

It’s convenient. Individual taxpayers can e-file or paper file early, make a payment by credit card and yet delay out-of-pocket expenses. Credit card payments can be made by phone, on-line or when e-filing. It’s safe and secure – standard, commercial credit card networks are used. The IRS does not receive or store credit card numbers.… Continue reading Credit Card Benefits

Credit Card Convenience Fees

Taxpayers will be informed of the convenience fee amount before the payment is authorized. This fee is in addition to any charges, such as interest, that may be assessed by the credit card issuer. Taxpayers must agree to the terms and conditions of the payment including acceptance of the convenience fee before the transaction is… Continue reading Credit Card Convenience Fees

Credit Card Processing Fees

There are a myriad of potential credit card processing fees involved in putting together an ecommerce Web site. This often makes it difficult to compare processing fees across different credit card options. Potentially, you could be charged credit card processing fees by each provider involved with your credit card merchant account – application fees, set-up… Continue reading Credit Card Processing Fees